Lately I’ve been reading so many articles and seeing so many YouTube videos on beauty hacks and I always ask myself whether they actually work and when I would ever need to use them. SO I’ve taken to the research and found you 8 beauty hacks I’ve tried and proven work amazingly! These are hacks I use daily or weekly and have practically saved my life so I hope they work for you too!

1st Beauty Hack: Upside down blow-drying

This is a hack I heard about years ago and I only really recently started using it. This is a trick to add a heap of volume and fullness to your hair in a matter of minutes. I don’t like to do this all the time but it’s perfect for when I’m running late and my hair doesn’t have time to air dry and I want my hair to look full of volume. It’s sorta like gravity when you blow dry your hair upside down rather than straight flat to your head it adds a heap of volume and fullness to naturally flat hair when you flip your hair back up. Once your hair’s dry, just style it and you’re good to go.  

2nd Beauty Hack: Sunscreen + Powder = PERFECT CONCEALER

This hack is something I only heard about recently from my sister and it works so well I use it way more often than I thought I would. So basically what I like to do is place an oil free sunscreen onto clean skin (I use the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch 50+ Sunscreen) and then gently press on a photo ready powder (loose or pressed works well) on top of the sunscreen. Using a photo ready powder helps to minimise the oily look of the sunscreen and add a matte texture onto your skin. Because of the naturally oily texture of the sunscreen the powder sticks and sets and creates a matte, foundation-like look on your skin. I like to use this when I’m going to the beach or am just going outside and want to get some sort of coverage but still be protected from the sun. As I have normally oily skin, this also saves me from feeling really clogged and heavy, yet still have a light coverage on my skin to cover blemishes and even out my skin tone.

3rd Beauty Hack: Baby body wash for brush cleaning

Now this hack is definitely something I only heard about a few weeks ago and already I have cleaned my brushes twice. Baby body wash or baby shampoo is a really gentle wash and is perfect for cleaning expensive and delicate makeup brushes. This has definitely saved me from spending excessive amounts of money on particular brush cleaners. All I do is run my brush under some water, place some soap in my hand, gently clean the makeup brush by rubbing it across my hand and then just rinse it under some water. This cleans them so well and also saves me from having lots of breakouts after I clean my brushes due to harsh chemicals in the brushes. This is so cost and time effective I love it so much and hope it helps you guys because I know a lot of people always wonder about the best way to clean their makeup brushes and this is the way that works best for me.

4th Beauty Hack: BEAUTY BLENDERS!

This probably isn’t such of a hack for some of you out there but for those of you who haven’t used or heard of a beauty blender before, this is going to save your life. These little sponges are the best way to apply any foundation or concealer product to your face to achieve that airbrushed effect. These are also a lot easier to clean so they save you from having to clean brushes all the time and also save your face from harmful bacteria that gets in your foundation brushes and causes your skin to break out. They are super cheap and anyone who has ever used one will definitely tell you they are the easiest way to apply your makeup so that it looks really natural, even and fresh.

Beauty Blender Collage

5th Beauty Hack: Concealer Triangles

Like a lot of you girls out there, concealing those dreaded dark circles under your eyes is my makeup goal that I just couldn’t seem to achieve until now. A lot of you will probably say you just place your concealer under your eye in that half moon shape where the darkness is. However, what you should be doing to get the best coverage is drawing a triangle shape under your eye with the 3 points at your inner eye, the crease of your nose and the outer corner of your eye. This ensures there’s no lines on your face and ensures your dark circles actually do get concealed into your skin rather than just covered in concealer. Blending this in with a beauty blender creates not only great coverage from dark circles, but also forms a good base for a highlight if you were to continue concealing along your nose, slightly on your forehead, on your upper lip and the middle of your chin. 

Concealer Triangles Edit

6th Beauty Hack: Foundation THEN Concealer

Talking about concealer, I have a great tip for you girls who constantly feel like your running out of concealer the day after you bought it. The best way to minimise the amount of concealer your putting on is to apply foundation first. I see a lot of girls who apply their concealer first and go crazy trying to cover every blemish or mark on their face, but they forget that a large majority of small blemishes can be easily covered by foundation. SO what I like to do is apply my foundation onto my face, then conceal my under eyes, and then look for any other blemishes that may need concealer. This saves me from using ALL of my concealer in one hit and spending all my money constantly buying concealers.

7th Beauty Hack: Use your finger for ultimate eye shadow pigment

I have obviously used a lot of eye shadows and have sometimes found that my brushes just don’t pick up the pigment that I’m after for my eyeshadow. SO what I have started doing is using my finger to apply eye shadow that I want to appear darker or to look more pigmented. Due to the oils in your skin, your finger picks up pigment better than a dry brush does. What I like to do is to pick up a colour on my finger and apply that across my eyelid, then with a fluffy brush blend along my crease because your finger can leave a harsh line. This is super time effective because you’re just applying with your finger and it adds a really creamy look to your eyeshadow.

Pigment Edit
The left colour is using a large fluffy brush and the right colour is using your finger.

8th Beauty Hack: Rose Water Spray!

This isn’t really much of a hack, just rather something I really like doing but I figured I would share it with you guys anyways. So I use this in the morning and night and it’s basically just spraying a light coverage of rose water mist (I use the Model Co. Rose Water Mist) before I apply moisturiser. This just makes me feel really refreshed, especially if it’s a really hot day, and kind of just works like a toner would. This makes my pores feel really  fresh and open and it just makes me feel good right when I wake up and when I go to sleep.

But that’s all the beauty hacks I could think of that I use really regularly that have really saved my life. I hope you guys enjoyed reading and if you do try any of these hacks be sure to let me know on my social media!

♥  img_1271


Beauty Blender: Mecca Maxima (but you can purchase them from any beauty or department store)

Rose Water Spray: Model Co. (can be purchased from most beauty stores)

Concealer: Bare Minerals (purchased from Mecca Maxima)

Powder: Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Powder Foundation

Foundation: Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup 

Baby Body Wash: Ecostore Baby Body Wash (I purchased mine from Woolworths but you can get similar ones from any department store or supermarket)

Face Sunscreen: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch 50+ Sunscreen (purchased from a pharmacy but you can get similar oil-free face sunscreens from any beauty or department store)






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